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Cellular Wallpaper

Your phone will never be the same.

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About This Community

This community is for the creation, request, and display of Cellphone Wallpaper. Cellphone Wallpaper is basically a background image for your cellphone. Most modern cellphones allow Cellphone Wallpaper, you'll have to consult your manual to ensure your phone does.

All images by corthell, gizmolay are tested against the Nokia 6800 and a Samsung SGH-E105. We tend to use Infared (IrDA) to place items on to the phone using DataPilot 3.9.0 for the Simens and the standard nokia phone suite for nokia phones.

There is no sense in paying a company money to send you wallpaper when you can create your own in Photoshop (or Windows Paint if you're not fortunate enough to have a copy of Photoshop handy) and Google Images (source material). It is our goal to help users see the error in their way of judgement of having television commercials shoved down their throat.

This community was created by James Corthell (corthell) on April 19, 2005 at 12:00PM PST.

Unique Characteristics

A cellphone wallpaper has a few unique characteristics:
Dimensions: 128px by 128px (anything lower will show a white outline for the missing pixels which can and will be annoying for users)
Size: 12k and under (DataPilot won't allow transfers 13k and above to the Samsung SGH-E105)
Color Mode: We've been able to get RGB/Index to work without issue.
Too Large?: If you can't quite get your graphic down to 12k (wow) we reccommend that you apply some "lossiness" to your final product. In PhotoShop you can do this by using the "Save as for web" option and in the Gif options choose "lossy" and slowly adjust this to your image until you reach the desired size.

Quick Q&A w/Rules

1. No Harassment: We don't care about your petty bickerings, go elsewhere. We will ban you in a split second, we where here before you and we'll be here after you.
2. Racy: If you post "racy" material, PLEASE LJ CUT AND WARN PEOPLE! (if you don't, your post will be deleted).
3. Specifications: Please create images at the above specifications (see the "Unique Characteristics" section above).
4. Large Posts: If you're posting numerous (4+) images on your post please LJCut for those on slower connections.
5. Topic: Please keep posts ON TOPIC, our topic here is cellphone wallpaper.
6. Advertising: NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Absolutely NONE! We're working on getting away from commercialization here. If you want to advertise your services please only link elsewhere on posts where you're providing content for the community.

Misc. Information

Affiliate Communities: We are happily accepting affilates with various communities on LiveJournal; currently we're seeking Graphic Designers, Ringtone Communties, Java Game Communities, anything that can be cellular related...
Icons vs Wallpaper: The only differance between most icon's and cellular wallpaper is 28px and a more strict size restriction; we welcome any LJ Icon creators to join in the fun of creating wallpapers, what better way to show off your skills than have people stare at your work throughout most of their day?
Free Image Hosts: PhotoBucket, Fotki